Personal Jetpacks

Now this looks like an entirely worthwhile use of $86,000.  Every spy needs a ‘plan b’ escape route, and the Martin Jetpack may be the current ultimate personal flying device.

What’s interesting about the Martin Jetpack is that it actually uses two turbine engines strapped to your back to get you around.  It’s pretty large, but seems like it could move super quick if one were in a tight spot.  You’ll get about 30 minutes of flight time before you have to refuel.

A recent test took the jetpack up 5,000 ft in the air over Christchurch, New Zealand:

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Robotic Prison Guards

South Korea is instituting a contingent of robotic prison guards.  Nothing so advanced as iRobot, but terrifying in their cuteness, none the less.  At this stage of their evolution, they work as an extra set of eyes for guards, monitoring shifts in behavior among prisoners.

The first three are rolling out (terrible pun, sorry) this March in Pohang.  Each one costs a cool $863,000.

Source:  Time Newsfeed

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Infiltration at it’s most adorable

Baby dressed as an ewok!We’ve spoken about the importance of blending in before, and our readers have surely put their new urban camouflage skills to use.  Here’s a few examples of excellent camo in action:

Example 1 – Kitchen / Bakery Infiltration:

Kids dressed as food

Example 2 – Ewok Camo:

Example 3 – Pack / Herd Disguises:

Baby's dressed as animals

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Spy Gadgets of Yesteryear

Back in 1933, a nifty gadget named the New Pocket Case made Joe Everyman feel like a secret agent.  This delightful invention stored cigarettes, a hidden writing tablet, a telescoping pencil, a stamp container, a ruler, a pocket knife and a watch!

Keep in mind, this was in the days before the iphone and apps.  In the days when spy gadgets had compartments, knobs and dials.  In 80’ish years, the next generation will most likely regard our “smart” phones with the same nostalgic teasing.

Multi Use Pocket Tool

Source: ModernMechanix Blog

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Hummingbird Spy Drone

More robotic animal spy drones!  This time it’s the seemingly innocent hummingbird that gets a mechanical make-over.  After five years and $4 million in R&D, the Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) Programs Nano Hummingbird is ready for take off.

Check out the video, it’s really amazing stuff.  Unless you were staring right at it, you wouldn’t even notice it was there.

The little bird has 8 minutes of flight / transmission time to do its job.  Plenty of time to get some incriminating footage.

So the next time you’re enjoying a nude picnic and discussing trade secrets with top-level security advisors, keep an eye out for curious birds.

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Agent Code Name: Electro-Mechanical Snake

The folks over at eatART have been working on some rather interesting projects of late that have the potential to become ridiculously useful spy technology.

One invention in particular is the giant snake, Titanoboa, named for the 50-ft prehistoric snake.

Titanoboa project seeks to reincarnate this 50 foot, 1 ton beast as an amphibious, electromechanical serpent machine

Ok, so how’s a 50 ft electro-mechanical snake going to help you discover the secret formula for chemical x?  Think small.  If the Titanoboa were recreated at, let’s say, 1 ft long with a camera mounted to its head, it could infiltrate almost anything that’s not air tight.

The shape and movement of a snakes body allow for extreme espionage.  All it takes is an air vent, and you could feasibly sneak the snake-bot into top-secret locations with ease.

But for now, enjoy the terrifying gigantic model.  With a few alterations, it could make for a terrifying guard robot.

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Taxi! (big brother is watching…)

Some of you haven’t experienced the creepy feeling of being monitored by the european CCTV phenomenon.  In London there are over 10,000 cameras watching the public constantly.  Every smile, nod and coffee spill.

But wait, it gets better!  Recently, the Oxford City Council has ruled that all taxis be outfitted with a CCTV with the express purpose of recording conversations.  The conversations will be (allegedly) held for a few days just in case there were any crimes that may involve cab traveling criminals….  right.

So if you’re planning a jewel heist or political murder, be sure to discuss it only in your own car or home.  I’m interested to see if there is a drop in the crime rate once people know they are being listened to in cabs.  Either that, or Taxi Cab Confessions could get a slew of new material!

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